Payadora Digital Album Download (MP3)

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Payadora Digital Album Download (MP3)


Buy a digital copy of our new CD, released November 1st 2015!

By purchasing from us, your money goes to the artists, with no middle man.

A digital download of the 12 tracks in high quality MP3 format. Playable on your computer, smartphone or any other digital music device.

This is a direct download only. No physical product will be shipped.

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Timeless release!
— Tiina Kiik, The WholeNote Magazine
Payadora is a full-on epic masterful musical experience!
— John Bailey, recording and mixing engineer



Album preview:

1. Retrato de Julio Ahumada
   Leopoldo Federico

2. Milonga Pour Deux
Juan José Mosalini

3. Tres Minutos con la

    Astor Piazzolla

4. Bordoneo y Novecientos
Osvaldo Ruggiero

5. El Choclo
    Ángel Villoldo

6. Tanguera
Mariano Mores

7. Payadora
Julián Plaza

8. A Fuego Lento
Horacio Salgan

9. Los Mareados
Juan Carlos Cobián

10. Lluvia De Estrellas
Osmar Maderna

11. Retrato de Milton
Astor Piazzolla

+ 1 bonus track!

Rebekah Wolkstein, violin
Branko Džinović, accordion

Tom King, piano
Joseph Phillips, double bass

Produced and mixed by Drew Jurecka
Recorded at The Drive Shed, Toronto
Engineered by John Bailey
Album design by Katie Dahl Laux
Transcriptions/arrangements by Alberto Munarriz,
Tom King, Rebekah Wolkstein

CD release concert at Gallery 345, Toronto (photo by Drew Jurecka)

CD release concert at Gallery 345, Toronto (photo by Drew Jurecka)